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As Malaysia’s biggest mobile Physiotherapy provider, we have a full-time team of qualified, and professional physiotherapists to provide a complete range of physiotherapy services in the comfort of your home across Malaysia. Our team of physiotherapists are ready to help you. Book an appointment now!

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Physiotherapy Program

All our staff are full-time, qualified physiotherapists who have been vetted and trained to deliver high-quality care

Rehabilitation Management

We are dedicated to your recovery and will come to you at your convenience, covering the whole of Peninsular Malaysia

Mobile Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can come to your home, saving time and with greater comfort (e.g. especially for stroke patients, the elderly, or those suffering from accidents or injuries)

Consultancy and Education

We have more than 10 years experience, one of the oldest in the industry. We also have expert collaboration with MNCs and Government Accident Insurance (Perkeso).